Financial Aid – World abundance – Billions of dollars are available for all


Despite what you hear in the media about the economy, there are billions of dollars to help students get a free university education. Most students and their families are simply unaware of the resources available. For the most part, they have an idea of ​​what federal and state funds consist of. Indeed, there are 9 categories of university funding available

The 9 series consists of :. Private grants, employer Paid Tuition Programs, Military Financing, state aid, Federal Grants, College Aid, Tax Relief Programs, Loans and outside The Box Funds (not the traditional way to get money for college). Overall, these financial instruments are well over 200 billion dollar mark combined and 90% percent of it is free. That’s right, 90% of it is free. Over 70% of students qualified for free Aid each year according to the Department of Education.

The secret to getting your share of college money is to learn the rules and regulations applicable to each program. Once you learn it, you must apply for them. It needs to take action! That means, to learn about every available source of funding and take action to get it. It is hard work. It also requires assistance for Ex: counselors, financial manager, financial consultants, books, admissions counselors. You can not get it all and do it all yourself.

To qualify for the financial aid game, your head to be in the first game (which is to learn what is available and how to access). Develop monetary gain mindset, learn the rules and go out and get the money. You owe it to ourselves.