Financial Aid – The Dilemma Between Need and Merit Based Aid


Receiving financial assistance for families who can not afford a child’s education is a dream come true. The sole purpose is to provide financial assistance for people who do not have sufficient resources to meet further studies. But under the new policy, the need-based candidates may not be in a very favorable position.

This new trend is certainly in the interest of students who are brilliant students or high achievers in schools. Students with flawless academic history, regardless of his financial situation, would be chosen for financial assistance of a student who truly can not afford to participate in college. Although it is reasonable that students have financial aid if they are brilliant, but only if they can not afford to participate in college. Otherwise, the average student who meets all the criteria of the university, but has financial constraints may not be able to pursue his dream just because he was never given a chance. Such a system is set to attract students who want to continue to be excellent, and gain prestige for the university.

Most colleges are now drifted towards aid based on merit rather than need financial assistance. Such a system makes the notion of aid completely pointless because they should understand that it is not receiving assistance simply because they were not the top five percent of his class.

To look at it more critically, it is advisable to give assistance to a student who needs help, even if it is mediocre student. The reason is that in order to position the main financial student will work very hard in order for a student who was great in high school but did not require financial assistance. So even if the financial position of merit-based candidate is withdrawn from the secondary years because of a dull performance, student deserving of aid in the first place could be working in some Super Store, or pursuing a degree that he would never do

To solve this problem, it should be set quota for both -. need-based and merit-based financial aid and student grants a greater number inclination towards need based.