Financial Aid – Single Moms Cash in on Federal Stimulus Package


Did you know that if you happen to be a single mom, or even just a woman living in the United States for that matter, you are positioned to receive more and occasional financial assistance from the US government?

For example, one mother in particular have been the target of several recent laws motives to improve the financial future of women seeking to balance raising their children and managing income. It should be noted that the range of financial assistance can range from assistance to buy a home, to go back to school, to start a business, or even to pay everyday bills.

If you are interested in receiving federal financial assistance either through grants or loans, take the next few hours you have available and know kind of financial assistance that may be available to you. Here’s what I recommend as a quick action:

  1. Find websites that specialize in Financial Aid information to help a fact from fiction.
  2. Join forums and chat sites that allow members of like mind to share best practices and ease of learning.
  3. Be sure to never let the red tape associated with the application will be a deterrent. This is time well spent in terms of return on investment.

At this point, you will have a good grasp of the different types of financial assistance available to single mothers and women in general. Now is the time to make sure you understand the differences between grants and loans. A loan is a definition of money needed to pay back. But Grant funds are given without obligation to repay.

If possible, subsidies should be the first financial pursued and fortunately, they come in almost any category needed. Housing, health, transport, education, trade and commerce are just a few of the more popular niches that you can find the funding available for financial aid. So this leads to the obvious question. Just who may apply?

Who can apply?

If you are a US citizen or are a foreign national who has lived in the US for at least the last three years, you are eligible to apply for grants. Now I would be remiss if I did not offer a word of caution to be careful for scams. Unfortunately, this “free money from the government,” the industry has a bad reputation of being one in which many people take advantage of the needs of others. Always check the sources from government websites and if you feel skeptical about any financial aid opportunity, others in decision making.

There is money available to you, but you must start and take action. Act now while the new stimulus packages and financial criteria are in place to help ensure your needs are met.