Financial Aid – Forget About Your first option College


Many students who were on their way to the US private colleges are to get the shock of their lives “. No” parents are saying

College acceptance letter were received with enthusiasm by eager students waiting to hear from their number one choice of school, only to be told mom and dad that they can no longer afford what was once a sure-thing.

For the first time in this generation of senior high school hear the word, “No.” And it’s causing a lot of heart-breaking. Imagine a student who was told from childhood that hard work and good grades ensures that mom and dad will make any college can, just to say recently that you can not attend the first choice college even offered a scholarship.

Reality is ugly, and the old mantra that “life is not fair” will begin to wear very thin very soon.

Several of my clients are telling me of the anger of the children for the situation in which they find themselves. One student told me that her parents broke their promise, even when they explain that the stock market wiped out most of what they had saved for her college. In a lame attempt to reduce her resentment I suggested that her parents did not break His promise to the people they gave their money to the university broke its promise to your parents and to all the other parent in America.

My explanation fell on deaf ears.

Now what? What is a parent to do? Parents need a new kind of thinking. The “outside-the-box” kind of thinking

seriously consider cheaper alternatives :. State colleges, community colleges, and Canadian colleges [ .html]. It’s all about other ways to pay for college, so you may want to get this book has a chapter Best Kept Secret .

Talented students are now applying to these colleges in droves, and for students who feel the unfairness of life, here is what you will find when you attend a college that was not your first or even second choice :. student sitting on the left hand was accepted at Yale and one on the right was adopted at Harvard

Bottom Line: Life is made up of choices, and the best lesson we can teach our kids is explain why some choices can be a great alternative when they seem to be soooooo unattractive.

“No” does not mean negative. It’s all in how you deal with life that really matters.


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